David Banner Insists He ‘Did Nothing Wrong’ After Blamed for Fatal Car Crash

David Banner has broken his silence after he was accused of killing a man in a car crash that took place around nine months ago. Taking to his Instagram account, the 46-year-old rapper posted a video on Friday, September 18 to address the allegations leveled at him by a family member of the crash victim.

In the more than two-minute video, the "Play" hitmaker claimed that he has been cleared in the car accident following an investigation. "As it pertains to the accident, it was public record that I did nothing wrong," he stressed.

Explaining his post that sparked the rage of the victim's family, he said, "I was just expressing my pain. When I discussed the lingering effect that I had was not to lessen what other people had gone through or their experience, but just to express mine."

Still, David realized that he needed to show compassion to those who have been "affected by pain and loss." He said, "My condolences go out to the family," before adding, "If I would have known what I know now, I would've not posted that photo. That photo in no way was meant to hurt anybody."

Earlier this week, David posted and then deleted pictures from the car crash that happened early this year. "People think they know but have no idea. I still have a concussion," he wrote in the caption, revealing his health issue in the aftermath of the accident.

David's post didn't sit well with the brother of Jeremy Evans, who was killed in the fatal accident. Re-posting photos of the wrecked cars, the family member alluded that David conspired with police to cover up for him. "The police are trying to give my brother fault for the accident and saying speeding didn't play a factor," he wrote.

Jeremy's brother continued in another post, "@davidbanner was the driver of tge other he's complaining that he still has a concussion but what about my brother who lost his life what about his sons who had to grow up without a father."

"and not to mention @davidbanner you knew my brother was dead on the scene and you didn't try to reach out to us and apologize or anything it's been almost 9 months and still on apology or nun how could you sleep knowing you killed someone and didn't do anything about but get it covered up," the family member went on claiming, as he sought "#Justiceforjeremy."

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