Dua Lipa and James Corden Inject COVID-19 Dating Advice to ‘New Rules’ Remix

Dua Lipa reworked her "New Rules" song for a humourous duet with James Corden to give fans dating advice amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The 25-year-old singer appeared on "The Late Late Show with James Corden", joining the host for a revamped version of her song.

Initially singing along to the tune of Dua's hit song "Don't Start Now", the pair prepare listeners for finally meeting a partner in person, after starting their romance online.

Wearing a face mask that matched her sequined dress, Dua and James, sing, "Wear a mask/ Wash your hands/ It's not like you have other plans/ It's awkward/ But it's cool/ Following all these golden rules."

The tempo then switched to a remix of Dua's 2017 track "New Rules", as the pair laid out some ground rules on how to re-enter the dating world.

"There's a new third base/ It's when you get to see their lower face/ And if you hit it off/ Watch out if they start to cough," the humorous take began.

And continuing the theme of safety, they crooned, "We've got new rules for dating/ Safety is stimulating/ It's your neighbors you're saving."

Dua recently moved from the U.K. to Los Angeles to with her beau, model Anwar Hadid, so they wouldn't be apart during the pandemic.

The "One Kiss" hitmaker has relocated stateside to live with her partner due to fears that she won't be able to travel to and fro because of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The pair have been dating since June last year (19), with their relationship only strengthened during the COVID-19 lockdown, which they spent together at her London flat.

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