Kristen Doute Insists She and Stassi Schroeder ‘Weren’t Fired’ From ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Apparently, Kristen Doute and Stassi Schroeder aren't fired from "Vanderpump Rules" following controversy surrounding them over past racially insensitive remarks toward former co-star Faith Stowers. Kristen set the record straight in an Instagram comment to a fan on Thursday, September 17.

Of reports that she and Stassi called police on Faith as they accused her of being a thief, Kristen said, "The police were not called." She went on to say, "There was never a police report, the police never had her name so she was never in harm's way."

"I understand me speaking up about this is going to create major backlash but I'm tired of the rumors. Neither [me or Stassi] are racist and have absolutely no hate," she went on to say.

Recalling the moment, Kristen shared that she and Stassi made the call while they were filming the reality show, though it "didn't air." She explained, "I called a tip hotline. At the time, I was told by multiple people that it was [Faith] and that she had a history. That I've admitted and have publicly and privately apologized. I should have stayed out of it … I'm very grateful for those who want us to listen, learn and grow."

She also claimed that neither she or Stassi was fired from the Bravo reality show. "We weren't fired," she insisted. "They chose not to renew our contracts. That was their decision to make."

This arrived after Stassi reflected on the controversy during her appearance in an episode of "The Tamron Hall Show" earlier in the day. She revealed that she has since educated herself by hiring a diversity coach. "I am so embarrassed that I even had those thoughts much less put it out there. I was that Karen, I was a Karen," she shared.

"It is absolutely my fault that I didn't know better, but the issue is I did not know better," she continued. Saying that she wanted to be a "better person" for her unborn daughter, Stassi added, "I want to be a part of the solution, I've been a part of the problem for years now. And I've recognized that. That's why I say I don't feel like I'm a victim of cancel culture. People want me to be mad at it and I'm not, I needed it."

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