‘RHOA’ Newbie LaToya Ali Makes Estranged Husband Baffled for Broadcasting Fight on IG Live

Even though LaToya Ali hasn't officially joined "The Real Housewives of Atlanta", she already has a drama of her own. The Canadian YouTuber recently made her estranged husband Adam Ali super confused as she decided to allow her social media followers see their argument through an Instagram Live stream.

From the start, Adam already expressed his confusion as he kept asking her why she went on Live when they were about to have a talk. Still confused, Adam attempted to explain the issue he had with LaToya to no avail because he was distracted by the camera in front of him. He then told LaToya, "What was going on here? This is stupid. This is kinda weird."

He later turned away the camera, before LaToya directed it towards them again and prompted Adam to get even more frustrated. "At the end of the day, they know the truth. We can't fake energy," so he said, to which the social media star responded by accusing him of not being affectionate enough. "In all the vlogs, you don't show me love, right? And the only time you ever want to romance is when the children are involved," she said.

Hearing what she said, Adam was baffled as to why she decided to air this out on Instagram Live. "Let me tell you something about it," he said, before telling the viewers, "Woke man don't leave a good woman." This prompted LaToya to refer to herself as a good woman, making him point out that she "missed the whole point here."

In the end, after Adam kept telling her that social media is not the place for them to fight, she decided to end her stream.

LaToya and Adam, who share three children together, were married for six years before the former announced that they were divorcing earlier this year.

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