‘RHOBH’ Fans Petition to Have ‘Mean’ Teddi Mellencamp Fired for Bullying Denise Richards

Denise Richards recently announced her departure from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills", but fans apparently want Teddi Mellencamp to leave the show instead. Blaming the 39-year-old reality TV star for Denise's exit, the fans have launched an online petition in a bid to have Teddi fired from the Bravo series.

The person who launched the petition on is clearly not a fan of Teddi, writing on the website, "Teddi Boring Mellencamp has become a dangerous human being ! Her self entitlement and wardrobe and style is horrible !" The critic went on blasting the founder of weight loss company All In by Teddi, "Teddi possesses the trait of trying to be a mean girl and , Sadly be the lopsided doll minded version Of Kyle Richards that Kyle keeps in her backpocket can't even do that right !"

"On season 10 of RHOBH , Teddi stuck her nose , not her Original one in Denise Richards business causing a huge blowup and for one of the fan favorites to leave the show !" the petitioner claimed. "Teddi will forever be know only because of her father , oh and don't get me started on the bullying of bigger women she does ! Let's get Teddi Mellencamp Off Of RHOBH!"

The petition has been signed by more than 1,300 people out of its goal of 1,500. One person who signed the petition commented, "Not only is she the most boring hw ever she is a fraud and a danger to women."

Another took issue with Teddi's controversial diet program. "I'm recovering from an eating disorder that is not different than Teddi's meal plan. I suffered for most of my life this way and don't want anyone else to hurt the way I have," so she wrote.

Her role on "RHOBH" aside, Teddi has faced backlash from former clients of her weight loss and accountability program All In by Teddi. They complained about being scolded by Teddi and her camp and being restricted to 500-1,000 calories a day.

Defending her weight loss program, Teddi responded to the criticism on Tuesday, September 15. "For one, I wanted to say I love All In. I am so incredibly proud of the over 15,000 lives we have helped change," she said in a video.

"I 100 percent feel confident in the fact that we let you know before signing up exactly what the program entails," she claimed. "If it's something that you want to do and you want us to hold you accountable to your goals, we are there to do that for you. If it's not something you want to sign up for, you don't. That's why I love that we are very transparent from the beginning. We believe in you. We will fight for you, and we know that the best is yet to come."

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