Alicia Keys Gave Billie Eilish a Call After Seeing Her Discomfort Following Grammy Wins

Alicia Keys called Billie Eilish the day after the Grammy Awards to reassure her that she deserved all of her success.

The "Fallin' " singer was on hand to present Billie with the Best New Artist gong at the ceremony earlier this year (20), and the "Bad Guy" star's clear discomfort at taking home five prizes at the music awards reminded Alicia of how she felt when she did the same back in 2002.

"There you are, with all these accolades and all this celebration – and you don't know exactly what to do with it, or even why was it you," Alicia told the BBC. "It feels almost like it's overkill. You think, 'Spread it around, don't just give (the awards) to me,' you know? I definitely recognise that, I understood that."

So upon sensing Billie's feelings surrounding her victories, Alicia gave her a ring the next day.

"I wanted to congratulate her because I was so happy for her, because not only does she have a beautiful voice but she's not trying to fit in to the crowd – and that's such an important thing to see," she explained. "So when I called her I said, 'Don't for one second think that you didn't deserve this. You deserve all of this, and don't forget it.' "

"Because I remember I definitely felt like that for a long time. I thought I didn't deserve what I was receiving, I didn't deserve the greatness that I had inside of me."

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