Liam Gallagher Inspired This Band to Reunite and Make New Album

Liam Gallagher inspired Semisonic frontman Dan Wilson to reunite his band – by turning down his songwriting efforts.

The "Secret Smile" hitmakers split in 2001, reuniting in 2017 for some small shows to mark the 20th anniversary of their first album, "Great Divide" – and have now formally got back together to release their first new music in 19 years on their new EP, "You're Not Alone".

After leaving Semisonic, Wilson carved out a career as a songwriter for other artists, and reveals that a meeting with Gallagher about writing for him inspired the reunion – even though none of his efforts made it on to the ex-Oasis rocker's record.

"I had this great meeting with Liam," he tells Music Week magazine. "I've always been a huge admirer of his, and his band. We had this really interesting meeting, we talked about music, we talked about the possibility of me writing some songs and to see what it would be like for him to sing a song that I wrote."

"I was pretty inspired by the talk. And so I gave it a shot. Two weeks later I sent a bunch of songs to him and his manager and they wrote back and said, 'Oh, whoops, the album's actually done, sorry, but next time!' and that was, cool. That was fine."

Although the tracks did not make the cut, they rekindled Wilson's desire to play in a band – inspiring him to reunite his old group.

"One of the songs in particular, which Semisonic didn't end up using, but I kept thinking, 'This doesn't sound like Liam Gallagher at all, this sounds like Semisonic,' " he explains. "I think it was like a kickstart or kind of a cheat sheet. It probably put me back in a mindset I was in in 1998, like, 'Oh, that's the flavor – that's what the band was like. That's what it felt like to play rock with a band!' "

"You're Not Alone" is out Friday (18Sep20).

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