Cardi B Blows People’s Mind With Selena Gomez’s ‘Rare’ Cover: Why Is She Moaning?

Ever since Cardi B and Selena Gomez collaborated on "Taki Taki", the ladies often show love and support for each other. For instance, the "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker recently promoted the Disney alum's beauty products through Instagram Stories, though it was her short cover of Selena's "Rare" that caught people's attention the most.

In several clips posted on the photo-sharing site over the weekend, Cardi showed off the package she received from Selena's brand Rare Beauty. "I think they made this specifically for me 'cause all the foundations are like my color–the color that I practically use," she said, before gushing over the liquid luminizer. "It's really, really pretty."

Later on, considering that Selena's brand is named after her song of the same name, Cardi started singing "Rare" while trying to copy the "Same Old Love" hitmaker's singing style. "Why don't you recognize I'm so rare?" so she rhymed.

Many found her cover funny since she sounded like she was moaning rather than singing. An individual said, "The way she sings like she's f***ing," while another person wrote, "I love the support n all but… THE SINGING KILLED ME." Someone else commented, "The way she sang Rare… She sounds like she's moaning cuz she's touching herself or something OMG."

One more person seemed to regret having the voice on while watching the video, "I PLAYED OUTLOUD AND IT SOUNDED LIKE PORN OMGGGGGG." Meanwhile, one other said, "Cardi doing Selena’s moaning in Rare while revealing the RB package she got. seriously YELLED sksksksks." There was also someone who commented, "Not Cardi B moaning the chorus of 'Rare' by Selena Gomez…"

Some others, in the meantime, wished that Cardi and Selena collaborate again. The two have yet to release another joint song ever since "Taki Taki", which debuted atop Billboard's Hot Latin Song and at No. 27 on Hot 100 last year.

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