Kourtney Kardashian Hits Back at Critics of Her Friendship With Addison Rae

It's safe to say that age doesn't prevent Kourtney Kardashian from befriending someone and she won't let herself be judged over that. The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" alum has been receiving criticism over her friendship with 19-year-old Addison Rae, and now she has hit back at some of the critics.

It all started after Kourtney shared on Instagram over the weekend some photos of her and the social media star hanging out in the pool in bikinis. "Two more days of summer," so the mother of three wrote in the caption of the post. While some of her followers gush over the photos, some others admitted to finding their friendship weird.

For instance, one person wondered, "Is this friendship not weird with the age difference," while one other asked, "why do u hang out w girls literally more than half ur age." There was also an individual who weighed in, "I don't understand this friendship."

Kourtney decided to speak out after someone said, "Fr shes 41 and shes hanging around 19 year olds in swimming pools," in response to another online user who wrote, "This friendship still weirds me tf out." Keeping things classy, Kourtney hit back by saying, "Do you suggest a better place? I'm looking for ideas…"

Kourtney wasn't the only one defending their friendship because prior to this, Addison did the same when talking to Entertainment Tonight. She said at the time, "At the end of the day, I think friendships are just what you make them. What you have, like the time you spend with them, the things you enjoy doing. And if you have things in common, it just makes sense. I don't think that’s anything to really judge people on. I feel like friendships can range from any age and I feel like everyone can relate to people in different ways."

She continued, "Kourtney and I just happen to have a great friendship, which is really fun. She's been a great person to have in my life. She said in my YouTube video that I had great energy that she liked to be around. I think she has great energy as well and she has so much experience in her life that I can really just look at and kind of learn from."

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