Alden Ehrenreich: Negative Box Office Coverage of ‘Solo’ Is Really Dangerous

"Solo: A Star Wars Story" star Alden Ehrenreich has fired back at the negative coverage of the film's box office earnings, calling such industry stories "dangerous."

The "Star Wars" spin-off, which featured the actor as a young Han Solo, grossed $392 million (£306 million) globally, but critics branded the movie a flop because the success didn't match that of other films in the sci-fi franchise.

"That movie, it didn't do as well as other 'Star Wars' movies, but it still did well for a movie," the actor told Total Film. "It was kind of this medium thing – but that's not newsworthy."

"Even at high-level journalism, there's an intense pressure, sometimes, it feels like, to catastrophise or celebrate… And I think that's really f**king dangerous, especially when it pertains to the stuff that really matters, like the state of the world… I just think we really have to take a step back, and give a lot more thought to the way our emotions are being run by the stories we're getting inundated with."

"Solo", which was directed by Ron Howard, received mixed responses upon its release in 2018, with some saying that it shouldn't even be made in the first place. However, that negative perception is starting to change a little bit after the movie is streamed on Disney+.

And Ehrenreich is grateful for that, saying, "For it to be able to be seen would take a second [viewing]. And I think that’s borne itself out. And it really means a lot, and is wonderful, especially with kids, who are excited about it."

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