Bruce Springsteen Confesses to Using Guitar Gift From Fan to Work on ‘Letter to You’

Bruce Springsteen recorded tracks for his new album, "Letter to You", on a guitar gifted him by a fan.

The "Born in the U.S.A." rocker recently revealed he knocked out the whole album with the E Street Band in just five days, and now he's revealing a little more about the session, explaining his guitar of choice was one given to him after a Springsteen on Broadway performance.

"It looked like a nice guitar, so I jumped in the car with it," Bruce tells Rolling Stone, explaining he picked it up weeks later as he found a moment of inspiration after visiting old friend and former The Castiles bandmate George Theiss, who was battling lung cancer, in North Carolina.

"All the songs from the album came out of it," Springsteen says. "In perhaps less than 10 days. I just wandered around the house in different rooms, and I wrote a song each day. I wrote a song in the bedroom. I wrote a song in our bar. I wrote a song in the living room."

Springsteen tells the publication he recorded the songs into his iPhone and demoed the tracks with the E Street Band when he had an album's worth.

"When I demo, I start putting things on to see if it works and suddenly, I'm locked into an arrangement, and then the band has to fit themselves into an arrangement," he adds. "And suddenly, we don't have an E Street Band album. So I intentionally did not demo anything."

"Letter to You" will be released on 23 October.

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