Jennifer Lopez Announces New Album ‘This Is Me … Now’  

Jennifer Lopez chose a special day to announce her first album since 2014.

The star revealed Friday that she will release new album This Is Me … Now in 2023, with the project set to focus on major moments from the last 20 years of her life. The announcement coincided with the 20th anniversary of her album This Is Me … Then, which dropped Nov. 25, 2002.

Lopez, who had gone dark on social media in recent days and deleted all previous Instagram posts, returned to the platform Friday to share a video in which her 2002 album’s cover transforms into the 2022 version. This is the 53-year-old Marry Me performer’s first album since 2014’s A.K.A. and the first that she will write and produce since This Is Me … Then.

“Heralding a new era of music for Jennifer Lopez, This Is Me … Now chronicles the emotional, spiritual and psychological journey that she has taken over the past two decades,” according to a statement from the press release.

This Is Me … Now is set to spotlight autobiographical stories, and the track listing that Lopez posted includes a song entitled “Dear Ben pt. II,” an apparent reference to This Is Me … Then’s tune “Dear Ben.” Lopez and actor Ben Affleck rekindled their romance after years apart, with the pair tying the knot in July; he appeared in the 2002 music video for “Jenny From the Block,” the lead single from This Is Me … Then, with the album having been dedicated to him.

Lopez also plans to announce related projects timed to the new album’s release.

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