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Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship has been in the spotlight since birth. Over the years, many have compared the future-King and his little brother, but it wasn’t until the release of Harry’s 2023 book Spare that people got a real look at the sibling rivalry. 

Prince William was born June 21, 1982, and as King Charles and Princess Diana’s firstborn, his claim to the throne was inevitable. Prince Harry, born in Sep. 15, 1984, didn’t have to deal with the pressure of eventually inheriting the monarchy, but instead, found himself living in the shadows of his older brother. In the book, Harry even calls William both his “beloved brother and archnemesis.”

Both went on to serve in the military, but when each man married, their lives took different courses. Of course, Prince William and Kate Middleton have been committed to the crown, as the heirs apparent. When Harry married Meghan Markle, he felt even more alienated by the Palace, and eventually, that tension lead the couple to leave their royal duties and move to America in 2020.

The brothers appeared to be estranged for years until the death of their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, in Sep. 2022. Though they reunited for the funeral events, the relationship would crumble once more after the release of Harry and Meghan’s 2022 Netflix documentary Harry & Meghan, and then his tell-all memoir, Spare, out Jan. 2023.

With all eyes on the brother’s relationship, we’re taking a look at the boys’ best moments together. Back in 2009, they were friendly rivals as they embarked on their military career, seen here. Brothers Prince William and Prince Harry smiled as they posed together at RAF Shawbury, where they were undergoing military helicopter training courses.

At the time, Prince William was training to become a fully operational RAF Search and Rescue pilot, while Prince Harry was training to become a fully operational Army Air Corps pilot. In Spare, Harry revealed he killed 25 people in Afghanistan during his time in combat, per the AP.

Ready for more moments between Prince Harry and William? See the brothers’ best photos here.

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