Rachel Bloom Weighs in on ‘Reboot’ Cancellation  

At Thursday night’s premiere of the new Netflix rom-com Your Place or Mine, in which she co-stars, Rachel Bloom got honest about this week’s news that her show Reboot would not be returning after its first season.

“The writing was on the wall for a little bit of time because we weren’t hearing anything,” she told  . “I’m confused, people seemed to be watching it in my world. They don’t release numbers so I’m not sure how metrics work.”

She continued, “I’m hoping we can sell it to a new place, I think it’s a fantastic show. I said from the beginning if I saw this show I would want to be on it, and I’d be jealous of anyone who was on it. So, I still can’t believe that I got to be on it, that I get to be on it. The cast is so fucking fantastic. I don’t know, I don’t understand the market.”

It was announced on Monday that Hulu had opted to cancel the scripted comedy series from Modern Family co-creator Steve Levitan after one season, though the creator plans to look for a new home. The comedy followed the cast of a sitcom who reunite in an effort to reboot the series. It starred Bloom, Keegan-Michael Key, Johnny Knoxville, Judy Greer and Paul Reiser.

The cancellation comes at a time when many shows across the industry are getting the axe, as Bloom noted, “Nothing’s straightforward anymore, everyone is kind of sad and confused at the moment in general in Hollywood.” That particularly includes shows that are being totally removed from streaming services as a cost-cutting measure.

“The taking off platforms is just a nightmare. You at least can tell yourself, ‘Oh it’ll be on there in perpetuity.’ No no no. Now, what are we doing? Theater?” Bloom questioned. “If I wanted to do theater, I’d do theater, and even that you can go to Lincoln Center and watch any Broadway play from the last 50 years. So I guess maybe they’ll be available for streaming in the Lincoln Center library? So check out Reboot at the Lincoln Center library, I guess.”

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