Bowen Yang Is the Chinese Balloon on ‘Saturday Night Live’ Cold Open  

Bowen Yang made an appearance as the Chinese balloon on Saturday Night Live‘s cold open.

During the Feb. 4 episode, Yang starred alongside Chloe Fineman and Kenan Thompson, who recreated MSNBC’s Katy Tur Reports, which featured an interview with the fallen device itself.

After interviewing Thompson’s General William Hamilton about how they shot the balloon down, Fineman’s Tur kicked things over to the now-infamous object.

“Well, I’m sorry you’re in the water, but thank you for speaking to us,” Fineman tells Yang. “I entertain you people for four days, and then get shot by Biden. I can’t believe I’m Joe’s Osama!” he replies. “Can I ask what you were doing flying over Montana?” she asks him. “I love the show Yellowstone there. It’s like Succession but outside. So what?”

Fineman then went on to say she was surprised the balloon was still floating since experts say that ot’s the size of three buses.

“OK, ouch. I’m a balloon, so that’s my body,” Yang replies, insulted. “How would you like it if someone measured your width in buses? Sorry, I’m not camera ready.”

The balloon went on to explain that it doesn’t understand why people were so freaked out by the idea of being surveiled.

“Everyone’s being surveilled constantly, but it’s always shoot the balloon and never unplug Alexa,” Yang said. “If you care so much about your data, what do you all keep your bank passwords in the Notes app? You mail your literal DNA to accompany to find out if you’re like 10 percent French, but je suis just a balloon.”

Pedro Pascal hosted, with Coldplay as the musical guest.

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