Sarah Paulson Crashed Pedro Pascal’s ‘SNL’ Skit: Watch –

Sarah Paulson, 48, made a surprise appearance the Feb. 4 episode of Saturday Night Live, alongside host Pedro Pascal. The actress joined the 47-year-old actor halfway through a skit in which he played a teacher named Mr. Ben, who gives his class a presentation on technology, and she played a teacher called Ms. Jenny. The skit seemed to poke fun at the younger generation’s online habits.

The funny clip, which can be seen above, started out with Pedro telling the students that there’s a new rule that says they can’t take “fan cams” of teachers. He went on to show them videos of him that students supposedly made. “No, skinny legend, why are you doing this?” a character played by Bowen Yang then said. “You’ve made thousands of fan cams of me and I’m not sure what they mean,” Pedro responded.

Pedro Pascal, Sarah Paulson
Pedro and Sarah in the funny ‘SNL’ skit. (NBC)

The students hilariously went on to explain they made the “fan cams” because they consider him their “beloved,” and he tried to understand if that was good or bad. “I want to be a cool teacher,” he said. “But I just don’t get it. Why does your generation have to make everyone a celebrity? Why do you film everything?”

The class then blamed the COVID pandemic by saying, “three years COVID make us online forever” and told him they’ve named him “daddy” and Ms. Jenny “mommy.” Sarah’s Ms. Jenny then appeared and said, “Guys, we told you. There is nothing going on between me and Mr. Ben,” but videos shown showed otherwise and Pedro quickly admitted to their romance. “Ms. Jenny and I are in love.,” he said, before she added, ““Fine it’s true. He’s daddy, I’m mommy, and we’re all happy family. No crumbs left.”

Pedro Pascal, Sarah Paulson
Another photo of the two talented stars. (NBC)

The skit was one of the most memorable of the night. Pedro’s debut SNL hosting gig received rave reviews throughout the live airing and after and proved he’s one talented star. Between his entertaining monologue and other sketches, which included a Mario Kart trailer and a game show called The Big Hollywood Quiz, he made a lasting impression to fans and viewers of the show, making his beginning of 2023 a successful one.

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