John Oliver Responds After Ron DeSantis Calls Him “Irrelevant”  

John Oliver finally agrees with Ron DeSantis.

A little over a week ago, Oliver spent almost an entire episode of his HBO show Last Week Tonight criticizing the Florida governor — calling him “Business Fred Flintstone” and finding humor in Donald Trump’s nickname for DeSantis, “Meatball Ron.”

After the show aired, the governor’s spokesman Bryan Griffin told the Los Angeles Times that “John Oliver is irrelevant.”

“It’s a fair hit. It might be the first thing he’s said that I’ve agreed with, to be honest,” Oliver joked Monday during an appearance on NBC’s Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Oliver also noted that he’d reached out to DeSantis prior to the episode airing and never heard back.

“We had pages of questions for him and they ghosted us on all of them. So, yeah, his response was literally irrelevant to us: He didn’t [censored] provide one. Yeah, it’s very irritating,” he said.

One of the questions Oliver and his team had for DeSantis was related to an anecdote that Oliver told on the air that originated with a former classmate of DeSantis. This person had said the future governor would tell his dates that he liked Thai food, but would pronounce it “thigh.” If they corrected him, he would make up an excuse and leave because “he didn’t want a girlfriend who corrected him,” according to this classmate.

“We reached out to find out, is this true?” Oliver told Meyers. “If not, please do deny it, because it feels really true. It feels so emblematic of you as a human being. If you didn’t do it, arguably you should have done; it would have made more sense of who you are.”

During his Late Night appearance, Oliver also reacted to a recent headline in the U.K.-based media outlet The Times that read “John Oliver: the British comedy failure who makes America laugh” and talked about the origins of his HBO show, which started out with the intention of featuring a guest every week before it was decided to ditch that idea.

Watch the Late Night segment below.

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