Jason Sudeikis Reveals His Kids Got Accents While Living In UK –

Kids pick up accents much easier than adults! Jason Sudeikis shared a hilarious story about his children during an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers. The Horrible Bosses star, 47, revealed that his two kids Otis, 8, and Daisy, 6, who he shares with his ex Olivia Wilde, 39, had started to develop British accents while living in the UK as he worked on his hit series Ted Lasso.

Jason admitted that since the kids were in the UK for nearly all of last year, they picked up the accent, but he also joked that it didn’t get very strong. “We got back in November, and we’re back in LA right now, but him and Daisy were out there for almost all of 2022, and they started to get little, tiny accents, but not enough. They got as far as like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins,” he joked. “Someone’s laying in on their Disney+ a lot.”

Given the focus that Ted Lasso has on soccer, Seth Meyers asked the star if his kids are fans of the sport. “Oddly enough, Otis has fallen more in love with it since being back here,” he said, while also admitting that his son regularly watches YouTube videos about different soccer stars. “He’s really into soccer right now.”

Jason and Olivia sit court-side at a basketball game in February 2020. (John Photography/Shutterstock)

He also revealed that his kids have found a love of music with a karaoke machine that he credits with a major popstar. “They love making up songs,” he said. “I truly believe it’s because I had the—what’s it called when you think of something—the wherewithal to watch the Billie Eilish documentary. So when you see Billie and her older brother Finneas making music together and making each other laugh, it was kind of similar to when I would go visit my uncle George on the Cheers set.”

Jason and Olivia have been in a custody battle over their kids since early 2022, and it was reportedly still ongoing when the Ted Lasso star’s lawyer went to a New York judge to resolve child support issues in February, per TMZ. Despite the custody battle, the former couple was seen sharing a hug when meeting with each other in January.

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