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Celebs are always switching it up, whether it be in the music industry, the fashion world, or cosmetics scene. 

That being said, what easier (and more dramatic) thing to switch up than your hairstyle? You can do soooo many things to your hair. The list of changes is endless! For starters, you can curl it, cut it, twist it, fringe it, braid it… and oh yeah, color it!

Speaking of colors, green seems to have become quite the popular color amongst celebs making changes to their mane. While green can be considered a rather bold option, these celebs have somehow managed to perfectly rock the meanest, greenest streaks we’ve ever seen. 

Green is commonly associated with life, renewal, freshness, and energy, as well as money and ambition. And if there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that these celebs are indeed giving us LIFE with some of the richest, freshest green hairdos we’ve seen yet. 

Swipe through the gallery and check out the hottest, meanest, greenest celebrity looks out there.

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