Jeremy Piven to Lead Supernatural Actioner ‘Fight for Your Life’  

Entourage star Jeremy Piven has joined the upcoming action feature, Fight for Your Life.

The supernatural gladiator film will be directed by Luke Sparke (Occupation: Rainfall, Bring Him To Me), from a script he wrote with Tom Evan (Bring Him to Me) based on his own original story. Sparke Films will produce the feature under producers Carmel Imrie and Carly Sparke, co-producer Alex Becconsall, and executive producers Geoff Imrie and Luke Sparke. 

In Fight for Your Life, Piven will play a soldier who wakes up in a mysterious cell and is forced to face an onslaught of deadly opponents in an ever-changing arena. His only goal is that he must survive long enough to return to his daughter. 

The project will also star Jamie Costa, who rose to fame with his Star Wars fan film Kenobi and is set to make his professional debut in Sparke Films’ upcoming crime thriller Bring Him to Me.

S&R Films has acquired worldwide rights to Fight for Your Life and plans to release the film in the United States. The company is selling foreign territories in Cannes.

“This is the kind of action-packed, wild ride that I go to the theatres for and hit the ‘rent’ button on. It’s as simple as that,” said S&R’s Gato Scatena. “I know the story is going to really excite audiences, but having worked with Luke and his team before, I’m equally confident that the completed and polished product is going to set the film above and apart from any comparable titles.”

Sparke’s latest film, the crime thriller Bring Him to Me, starring Barry Pepper, Rachel Griffiths and Sam Neill, is expected later this year.

Fight for Your Life places Jeremy in a morality battle not only with himself, but with a slew of opponents in a vast array of settings,” said Sparke. “I was drawn to do this film and push my limits in the action space while focusing on the psychology of a single man and his will to survive. It’s a blast and a half and I’m so thankful someone like Jeremy stepped up to this role, he’s a triple threat and can’t wait for audiences to see him in this!”

Pre-production is currently underway in Australia. 

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