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Daniel Day-Lewis was photographed out in public in May 2023 for the first time in four years. The reclusive actor, born in London in 1957, has always lived a low profile, but even more so in recent years since he retired from acting in June 2017, following the release of his last film ‘Phantom Thread.’
“All my life, I’ve mouthed off about how I should stop acting, and I don’t know why it was different this time, but the impulse to quit took root in me, and that became a compulsion,” he told W magazine five months after the news. “It was something I had to do.”
And he left an incredible Hollywood legacy as the only actor to have won three Best Actor Oscars. In 1989, he went home with his first for My Left Foot, then followed the win up with a statue for 2007’s There Will Be Blood. In 2012, Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln brought Daniel his third Academy Award.

Click through the gallery to see Daniel Day-Lewis’ best photos throughout the years.

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