Crafting the World of the Harfoots  

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Building a world requires more than a set of tools and some talented artisans. It needs people who are able to tap into their imagination and draw out the interior lives of the characters that will eventually live on screen. The world of Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is packed with different races and peoples, each bringing their own lore, culture, and traditions to the show. Creating those sets is a towering challenge—even when set designers are crafting the world of Middle-earth’s diminutive inhabitants, the Harfoots.

In this video, the show’s set designers take viewers through how they went about making the Harfoots’ world a reality. They discuss the challenges and inspirations behind building a set that reflects a nomadic lifestyle and a need for secrecy. (After all, Middle-earth can be a dangerous place for the Harfoots.) No detail was overlooked. Everything from the collapsible, hand-hewn furniture to the moss-covered caravans was made with one thing in mind: creating an entire world from scratch.

This story is part of   and Prime’s Building Middle-earth video collection. Click HERE to explore further.

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