Whoopi Goldberg Gives Sunny Hostin A Lap Dance On ‘The View’ –

Starting the week off strong! Whoopi Goldberg busted some moves during a hot topic discussion on The View on Monday, May 22. During a discussion about people cheating at bachelor and bachelorette parties, Sunny Hostin revealed that she didn’t really know what a lap dance looked like, and Whoopi offered to show her in a hilarious moment on the show.

At the start of the conversation, Whoopi explained that there’d been a study into infidelity at pre-marital celebrations. “A survey of 6,000 Americans found that 70% have cheated at bachelor or bachelorette parties,” she said. “The cheating ranged from lap dances to threesomes. Who’s got time at a bachelorette party to do a threesome?”

Sunny hopped in and explained, that even though during a pre-show meeting, she’d felt like a lap dance may have been okay, she might have had a change of heart. “I said during our hot topics meeting that lap dancing isn’t cheating, but come to think of it, I’ve never seen a lap dance. So maybe it is cheating!” she quipped. “Are both people naked? Because if you’re both naked, then it’s cheating.”

Whoopi and Sunny got very close during a ‘hot topic’ discussion on Monday. (William Volcov/Marion Curtis/StarPix for The Paley Center NY/Shutterstock)

As Sunny continued to explain that she doesn’t “really know what that looks like.” Whoopi offered to show her, and walked across the table to stand right in front of Sunny. Before Whoopi began to show off her moves, Sunny mimed spanking the comedian, but her co-hosts explained that Whoopi would be the one performing the lap dance. Whoopi proceeded to show some moves, including wiggling her butt on Sunny, and the audience clapped to give her a beat.

After Whoopi’s hilarious demonstration, Sunny revealed that she did have a change of heart, and felt like it did count as cheating. Before they kept the conversation about cheating at bachelor and bachelorette parties going, their co-host Ana Navarro jumped in and revealed which celebrity she’d like to get a lap dance from, if her husband was also getting one. “Listen, if he’s getting a lap dance. I’m getting one from Michael B. Jordan,” she joked.

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