Ariana Madix Thinks Tom Sandoval Cheated Before Raquel Leviss Affair –

Ariana Madix did not hold back about her ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval‘s history of cheating on the new episode of Call Her Daddy. After addressing Tom’s shocking affair with her close friend and Vanderpump Rules co-star Raquel Leviss, Ariana, 37, gave two examples of instances that her longtime partner might have been unfaithful to her during their 9-year relationship. “There was one years and years ago. I got a DM that was like, ‘Tom hooked up with my friend in San Diego.’ I brought it up over and over and over again. And [he] was like, ‘No, absolutely. No, no, no,’ ” Ariana said on the podcast. “It was really just a no. That no, I’m like, ‘No, I think that was a yes.’ ”

Ariana Madix
Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval (Photo: Gregory Pace/Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

Ariana brought up Tom’s alleged second instance of cheating, which he mentioned to Scheana Shay during their sit-down conversation in the last scene from the finale. “I’m like 99.9 percent sure I know who exactly who that is also,” Ariana revealed. “But that being said, how many…I don’t know,” she added about Tom’s cheating.

There’s been rumors that one of the women Tom, 39, allegedly cheated with is their former co-star Billie Lee, but Ariana shut down that speculation on the podcast. “I do not think that anything happened there,” she said. “And the reason I don’t…I understand that this sounds crazy, because Raquel was someone I loved and trusted, but I trust that Billie Lee would not do that. We’ve talked about it.”

Ariana continued to explain that she doesn’t really know how many times Tom cheated on her, since he “was getting away” with things during their relationship, unbeknownst to her, like bringing Raquel, 28, to St. Louis where his family lives. Ariana claimed that Tom and Raquel did that “more than once” when they were together, but she’s unsure if Tom’s family knew about the affair.

“It’s hard to say what exactly they knew or when they knew,” Ariana said. “I think at one point they knew but they were definitely not condoning. And he was putting her [Raquel] up in a hotel.”

Tom Sandoval
Tom Sandoval; Ariana Madix; Raquel Leviss (Photo: MediaPunch/Shutterstock)

Before the VPR season 10 finale aired May 17, executive producer Alex Baskin told Variety that “new” information dropped during the reunion which filmed March 23. Call Her Daddy host Alex Cooper asked Ariana if she thinks the revelation could be that Raquel and Tom’s affair actually started when Raquel was still engaged to James Kennedy. “Maybe,” Ariana said about that speculation, adding, “what difference would that really make?” Ariana did say that she doesn’t believe Raquel is pregnant or that Lisa Vanderpump knew about the affair the whole time.

With the reunion kicking off May 24, Ariana revealed on Call Her Daddy what information would have to come out for her to reconsidering returning for season 11. “Anything that makes me feel unsafe,” she said. “Or for my dog to be unsafe. Something like that. Anything safety wise would be the only thing that would make any of us be like, ‘We’re not coming back to film.’ But I can’t see that.”

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