Changes to Max Credits Display Irks Creatives Amid Labor Standoff  

According to Max, the newly rebranded platform formerly known as HBO Max, Patty Jenkins and Allan Heinberg were the creators of 2017’s Wonder Woman. At least that’s how the new Max “details” section refers to Jenkins, who directed the Gal Gadot starrer, and Heinberg, who wrote the screenplay for the DC Comics movie.

The lack of specific details — and the grouping of writers and directors under merely just “Creators” — has already irked many creatives amid the ongoing Writers Strike and threats of labor unrest among the actors and directors unions as all three guilds are in the midst of separate negotiations with the studios and streamers who comprise the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

HBO Max Screenshot

The credits display on HBO Max.


The change — HBO Max’s previous credits pages provided more specific details about roles for writers and directors — was spotted late Tuesday, the same day that the Warner Bros. Discovery-backed streamer was rebranded as Max in a bid to reflect its increased content portfolio following the $43 billion merger that created a scripted and unscripted powerhouse.

After being spotted on Twitter late Tuesday, writers, directors and other creatives voiced their disdain for the move, which comes as streamers including Netflix and HBO Max already have a “skip intro” function.

Steven DeKnight (Daredevil) dubbed the “Creators” grouping an “absolute master class in how to fuck up a streaming service” and noted the move will “be studied for years.” Poker Face showrunner Nora Zuckerman flagged the WGA, DGA and Producers Guild of America and questioned how Max thought the various guilds “would be even remotely okay” with the change. Scribe Jorge Rivera took issue with being dubbed simply “Creators” and called it “Another move from studios to diminish the role of writers, directors, actors and other craftspeople.”

The issue applies to both films and TV series, though details on the latter are not found in a “Details” tab the way movie credits are located. Instead, TV credits can be found under the pulldown for “Episode Details.” (Clicking on the pilot for Succession, for example, again groups the following folks under only “Creators”: Regina Heyman, Frank Rich, Jesse Armstrong, Will Ferrell, Kevin Messick, Adam McKay, Dara Schnapper and Ilene S. Landress. (Succession has one creator, Jesse Armstrong.)

  has reached out to Max and the WGA for comment and will update this story when and if there is a response.

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